Why I do What I do

I photograph weddings and capture life's fleeting moments because I believe every person has a story that deserves expression. I photograph because I have a passion for giving back memories - tangible reminders for my clients of who they love and why they love them. 

Take the photo below, 


At first glance, it's just a photograph of some wedding rings, but let me bring you into a story: 

The rings rest upon an arbour that was built by the bride's late father, who passed away only three short years before the wedding. Even though the wood decayed over the years, it was the Bride's dream to get married under it. The new family members all came together to fix it up and prepare it for the wedding day so they could get married underneath it - representing the growing, shifting, and reconstructing of new families, while commemorating the loss of the old.

So when it came time to photograph the rings, I knew just the place; the arbour, built by the Bride's late father.

I am passionate about your story. This is why I photograph.

A little more about me?

When I'm not capturing weddings, I'm having nerdy conversations, playing music, watching The Office (again), and helping hundreds of Charities raise millions of dollars across Canada every year. I live in Kitchener, ON, with my wife Laura and cat, Comet.


Interested in having me document your memories? Please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

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