Hi there!

Welcome to my site; a collection of some of my favourite photographs I’ve captured throughout the last few years.

Event photos of all kind, especially weddings, are truly my forte. I like to focus on getting the entire story told wordlessly through photos. I have a passion for people, raw emotions, and real moments that people are living on some of the most important days of their lives, or the most mundane ones. To me, photographs are some of the most highly valuable treasures one could have.

I have a six year old sister, and although she simply cannot be bothered to have her photos taken, the moments I’ve captured of her childhood are so special to my family. If the right lighting hits my Wife's face during dinner, I’ll make her pause, fork midway to mouth, as I capture her flashing me a goofy grin. If the clouds roll back in just the right way, I’ll pull over in my car to get it captured just right. All of that said, I love photography. It’s my absolute passion, and I’d love to share it with you. So, take a look around the website. Like what you see? I'd be delighted to hear from you.

Liam Good